Scope of work

What we will do for you in purchasing your property

  1. Liaise with you regarding purchase negotiations
  2. Receive and review sales advice from agent
  3. Confirm Sales Advice with you
  4. Receive draft contract for sale
  5. Check contract for compliance with Vendor disclosure warranties
  6. Review and advise on zoning certificate and any restrictions or limitations
  7. Review and advise on drainage and sewage connections to property
  8. Analyse title search and deposited plan
  9. Check for and investigate easements on title
  10. Analyse and advise on the effect of any caveats on title
  11. Advise on any land tax implications
  12. Advise on improvements to land and inclusions/exclusions to the Contract
  13. Analyse and advise on any special conditions
  14. Advise you on contract obligations for purchasing the property
  15. Advise you on searches to be completed on property prior to exchange
  16. Consider with you any investigation of any planned development that could effect the property (e.g. local council, Sydney Water, RTA, etc)
  17. Advise on strata inspection report (if applicable)
  18. Advise on building and pest report (if applicable)
  19. Liaise with Vendors solicitor and negotiate changes to contract
  20. Liaise with broker/mortgagee to ensure financial arrangements confirmed prior to exchange
  21. Conduct local searches and preliminary enquires (if necessary)
  22. Sign section 66W certificate (if applicable) and discuss effect of cooling off periods
  23. Advise you of risk and insurance requirements
  24. Attend to exchanging of contracts (if not at auction)
  25. Order government and local authority searches
  26. Receive and analyse results of property searches
  27. Advise you of results of government searches (if issues arise)
  28. Furnish particulars of title to mortgagee
  29. Arrange for survey (if instructed)
  30. Prepare enquiries (requisitions) on property for Vendors solicitor
  31. Review replies to requisitions to Vendors solicitor and if necessary furnish further requisitions, such as a fence dispute or illegal building work.
  32. Prepare documents to transfer ownership of property
  33. Prepare s 118 notices
  34. Arrange for payment of stamp duty
  35. Organise for documents to be stamped at the Office of State Revenue
  36. Calculate adjustments for council rates and water rates for the property settlement
  37. Oversee changes of title with the Land and Property Information NSW
  38. Complete any final checks and enquires prior to settlement
  39. Receive mortgage documents and forward for signing (if not done by Bank or Broker)
  40. Ensure any mortgage/s listed on title are discharged on settlement
  41. Make arrangements with Vendor and mortgagee to attend settlement
  42. Calculate settlement adjustment figures
  43. Send settlement figures to Vendors solicitor for approval
  44. Prepare cheque directions for you and the mortgagee
  45. Obtain bank cheques and other requirements for settlement
  46. Prepare Notice of Sale and Order on the Agent to release deposit
  47. Conduct final search on property
  48. Liaise with you/the Agent to complete final inspection of property
  49. Arrange for attendance at Settlement for Transfer of property
  50. Advise council on change of ownership
  51. Advise government authorities of sale
  52. Advise strata managers of change to ownership of property
  53. Report to you on conveyance enclosing copies of all relevant documents, including the Contract for tax record keeping purposes

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